By Mike Busch

Monday evening I got another look at Moriches Inlet to see how the new sand that was pushed into the Inlet during the March Storm looked in calmer conditions.  While the sand is no longer exposed inside the inlet along the East Jetty, it looks like a shoal stretches halfway across the mouth of the inlet.  Knowing how crowded and rough this inlet can get, this will be an issue for mariners.   There is also very shallow water just outside the inlet, Mariners will have to head east or west along the beach to find a safe way beyond the bar.

As reported here, an Emergency Dredging plan has been approved.  Unfortunately, no timetable has been set and boaters are going to have to use caution while all the details are worked out.

You can see how dynamic the situation is by checking out some recent features posted here on Fire Island and

The photos and video below were taken Monday, April 23rd 2018.

East Jetty

East Jetty and Cupsogue

Outside Bar

West Jetty

Northeast End of Cupsogue

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