By Mike Busch

The storm that eventually became subtropical storm Melissa made it’s closest approach to our area Friday morning, although the worst of the flooding occurred Friday night into Saturday.  I returned to Moriches Inlet at sunrise on Friday to capture some more video and images of waves overwashing the jetty and pouring sand into the inlet at high tide.  If you missed Part I from Thursday morning, click here.

Winds were gusting out of the north at more than 30 mph and blowing the tops of the waves straight into the air.   As you will see in the photos and videos below, sand-filled waves were washing over the east jetty into Moriches Inlet, continuing to create a new beach.  This makes the inlet more chaotic with breaking waves on both sides.  For example, this is a wave breaking well  inside the inlet.

I took some slow-motion video, Go Pro and iPhone video to try to capture the scene.  After the next storm passes I will try to return and see how much sand has filled into the inlet.

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