By Mike Busch 4-20-19

Despite a winter lacking any significant coastal storms, the erosion that is occurring in the vicinity of Bellport beach has worsened.  Bellport Village workers were forced to remove the walkway that attached the boardwalk to the now condemned Bellport Beach Pavilion several weeks ago, leaving the structure completely surrounded by water around high tide.

The Village is still weighing options on what to do with the Pavilion which include leaving it alone, dismantling and moving the structure back, or completely taking it down.  Many are amazed that it still standing at all!

For now the beach should open on schedule this season but as you will see in the photos below, there isn’t much left.

Besides the Pavilion, the dunes have been flattened to the east and to the west, erosion is taking fresh chunks of earth from the dunes and allowing trees to topple into the sea.

To get an idea how this situation as evolved over the last several years, Fire Island and Beyond has built up a big library of videos and galleries of the situation here.

Many will remember that this area had some  of the highest dunes on Fire Island just a few years ago.    I found a few photos from right after Sandy washed the original pavilion away to give you an idea what this area looked like.

Below I included some time-lapse and natural sound video as well as several pages of DSLR and drone images taken Good Friday morning.

More Images on Pages 2,3,4, and 5