By Mike Busch

My wife and I were in Florida last week as Hurricane Dorian was building strength and aiming straight for the area between West Palm Beach and Fort Pierce.  Thankfully the storm slowed and turned north, sparing this part of Florida from the devastation that occurred in the Bahamas.   I spent some time on Hutchinson Island and had some fantastic weather.

The stretch of beach between the House of Refuge Museum and Bath Tub Beach is one of my favorite spots for sunrise and waves crashing into a rocky coastline not usually associated with Florida.  While I got my share of sunrise and surf shots, one of the coolest things I saw were huge schools of baitfish getting attacked by some large tarpon right off the beach.   From ground level I couldn’t see what was attacking them but as soon as I launched my drone I was able to see more of the action.

I ran into a similar situation with even more bait and clearer water in the same area last August, click here for that video and gallery.

If you are impatient, I put together a shorter one minute video with all of the Tarpon action below.

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