By Mike Busch

Back to back Nor’easters have taken a toll on beaches up and down Long Island’s south shore.

Patchogue Fire Department Chief Joe Arabia went over to Davis Park, Fire Island this afternoon to make an initial assessment of the damage and sent in the photos below.

As you can see, the surf made its way behind and under many of the oceanfront homes and removed removed a lot of sand, exposing old dune fortification materials.

Chief Arabia also ran into a live wire across Donella Walk and reported it to PSEG who will be sending a crew over.

Davis Park Fire District asks people to to avoid the area until everything is secure and a full damage assessment is completed.

To get an idea of the power of the surf, I attached 10 minutes of footage from the Davis Park Surf Cam taken at 10:30 Saturday morning under the photos.

To see what it looked like before the storms, check out this video and images taken in late February.