Steve Mitchell was born and raised on Long Island and has been going to Robert Moses with his family since he was a kid.

Now that he lives less than ten minutes away, he has put together an outstanding portfolio of images both day and night.

His interest in  photography was peaked in high school when he received his first 35 mm SLR.  He learned to develop black and white film in the basement darkroom built by his father and older bother Doug.

He is an architect by profession which has also helped develop his composition skills.

Steve makes the time to shoot the landscapes here on Long Island, Cityscapes in New York City,  and wherever vacation takes him.

His main interests lie in landscapes, city architecture, and long exposure photography.  He continues to learn about photography each day and strives to make the next shot better than the last.

You can see more of Steve’s work at Steve Mitchell Photography , 500PX and Instagram.


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