The Long Island Wildlife Photography group on Facebook has really become a central hub for viewing, learning about, and discussing the wide variety of wildlife that lives on or passes by our thin strip of land.

This group of 6500 plus people share a love of wildlife and photography, with the combination resulting in a one stop place to see and share amazing images from both ends of the Island and the waters that surround us.

I may have had the original idea but I want to thank the administrators that help keep the page running smoothly:  Grace Scalzo, Mike Firestone, Brian Carr, Robert Taylor, Trish Minogue Collins, Lynda Wagner, Craig Alexander, Ed Walsh and Paul Peluso.  In the coming weeks I hope to get them to post some of their favorite images with their own features.

This week’s highlights include images from Long Island Wildlife members that went with Gotham Whale  looking for Humpbacks.  We were able to arrange a group discount for Long Island Wildlife and hope to get more events going like this in the future.

Be sure to scroll through all the pages, we always save some of the best for last!


Vicki Juaron | Hooded Mergansers


Grace Scalzo | Seagull


Brian Doherty | Northern Gannet


Brian Doherty | Snow Bunting


Charlie Spinnato | Cedar Waxwing


James Wilcox | Northern Harrier