By Mike Busch

A badly decomposed Humpback Whale, estimated at 35- 40 feet long,  washed up on the beach at Ocean Bar Park on Fire Island today.

Eva Braiman took the video and photos below and allowed us to share.

The Atlantic Marine Conservation Group is aware of the situation and will be performing  a necropsy and decide what to do with the whale.  Due to the massive size and weight, the most common course of action would be to bury the whale on the beach.

As you can see in the second photo, there appears to be a rope embedded in the side of the whale.  Too early to tell but besides ship strike, entanglement in fishing gear is another risk faced by Humpback Whales.

This the fourth dead whale on Long Island this year and the 70th Humpback Whale found dead along the east coast since 2016.