By Mike Busch 12-3-18

It pays to have friends with access to high places!  A good friend of mine is in the residential real estate business and has access to multiple high-rise apartment buildings spread across Manhattan.  You can get great shots from the ground and the typical tourist locations but there is something special about shooting from the top of a brand new building with fresh views of the ever-changing city landscape.   We have been hitting a few of his favorite buildings for the last several years and it is astonishing how the views can change.  One 36 floor building in lower Manhattan had an amazing view of the Brooklyn Bridge in 2014:

Almost the same view Monday night, no sign of the bridge:

The same holds true all around the city as the city that never sleeps never stops growing either, always ensuring new photo opportunities over time.

We started  on Monday evening, December 3rd at the Battery, hoping for a nice sunset over the Statue Of Liberty. The clouds didn’t exactly cooperate but it was worth a few clicks and there is always some nice action in the harbor.

Coast Guard on Patrol

Staten Island Ferry

Central Railroad of New Jersey Terminal

One World Trade Center through Batter Park City

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