By Mike Busch

A few weeks ago, Kathy Lied posted some fascinating photos of a bunch of old cars recently exposed on the beach east of Watch Hill near Long Cove.

Google Earth – 5-23-15

Google Earth – 10-1-2017


I spoke with Patricia Whitlock, a seasonal Ranger with the Fire Island National Seashore, to see if she knew any history about the cars.  Patricia grew up in Long Cove and has a wealth of knowledge about the area.   Patricia had vivid memories of playing in the cars that at that time were behind the primary dune.  Patricia said back in those days if a car broke down or got stuck it would just be left there!  Thanks to Kathy for permission to use the photos below and on pages 3 and 4.

Photos below from Kathy Lied:

Continued on Page 2 with some photos from the early 60’s