I started a new Facebook page less than two years ago called Long Island Wildlife Photography.  Besides growing into a great community over 6000 strong, it has allowed me to meet and become friends with a diverse group of great photographers all over the Island.
It is a also a great place to learn and many of the members are happy to share their knowledge of wildlife as well as photography tips.  If you have an interest I encourage you to join, all are welcome including beginners.
One of the more active and talented members is Brian Doherty from Massapequa, a life long resident of the Island that has a special knack for capturing images between Robert Moses and Jones Beach.
Although it is hard to believe after seeing his work, Brian only got into photography a little over two years ago.
These images were all taken during the Fall Migration over the last several weeks, enjoy!

Belted Kingfishers


Black Throated Blue Warbler


Brown Headed Cowbird


Coopers Hawk


Coopers Hawk