The first cold spell of the season predictably turned on the south shore fishing last week.

The baitfish started migrating through the local inlets and like clockwork the striped bass were there waiting.

Last Saturday Cary Stevens and Captain Paul Peluso hit Moriches Inlet at the perfect time and tide, dawn and outgoing.  They were greeted by blitzing Striped Bass eager to smash their top water plugs.

This style of fishing is not for the faint hearted, the fish are in the breakers so that is where we need to bring the boat.  With a two man crew that means one man fishing and the other manning the wheel and keeping the crew safe.


Cary Stevens Hooked up to first 2016 keeper




Surf Casters in on the action


On a side note, the breakers were full of adult bunker but the bass seemed to prefer our blue and white or plain white top water lures.

After two hours of non stop action we called it a day after releasing more than a dozen fish.