Local photographer and Long Island Sun Chaser Fred Greco was up again on November 1st  with Pilot John in a Bell Jet Ranger Helicopter, capturing more spectacular images over the South Shore of Long Island.

There is something special about seeing our favorite landmarks and beaches from between 350 and 500 feet in the air.

Today’s flight plan was a quick  flight from Republic airport, over Jones Beach and down to Robert Moses.

The goal was to provide an aerial perspective of some of Fred’s favorite spots when shooting from land.

Fred came prepared with two camera bodies, a Nikon D810 paired with 28-300mm and a Nikon D750 with a 24-70mm.

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The first shot  below is the  Massapequa Preserve, one of the most colorful spots on the Island right now.



Massapequa Preserve

The next few images feature the Jones beach fishing piers, water tower and Nikon at Jones Beach Theater.

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