The November 2016 SuperMoon appeared full last night but the actual peak was this morning when the Moon was at it’s closest to Earth since 1948.

If you don’t get out to see it tonight, your next chance to see it this close won’t occur until 2034.

For some more information of the Super moon click here and for some photography tips click here.

I suspect tonight’s Moonrise will be more dramatic as the Moon will rise after Sunset allowing for better photo opportunities.

The map below shows on a map where the Moon will be rising at 5:09, about 25 minutes after Sunset.



The Photos below were last night’s Sunset and Moonrise from Bellport, taken with a Nikon D750 and Sigma 150-600mm Sport.

I was out this morning catching the actual Super Moon with some photos and timelapse that I will combine with tonight’s Moonrise later.  Moon images are on page 2.