Want to experience Fire Island as it might have felt 150 years ago?

Get over to Ho-Hum Beach, if possible.

The beach is located smack in the middle of the Otis Pike High Dune Wilderness Preserve, located east of Watch Hill and west of Old Inlet (where Sandy ripped the breach open in 2012).

Ho-Hum, also called Bellport Beach, is owned and managed by the Village of Bellport, which staffs it with lifeguards, oversees capital improvement work such as the pavilion built last year and maintains its marina, among other things.

The marina, however, is for village residents only.

The village also runs a ferry to Ho-Hum as well, but that also is for village residents and guests.

All the more reason to take this virtual tour with Greaterfireisland.com.DSC_9994DSC_9992DSC_9295 DSC_0005 DSC_0035-Edit DSC_1288