Despite the overcast and cold weather, a hearty group from the Long Island Sun Chasers and Long Island Wildlife Photography headed out for a tour of New York Harbor on Sunday December 12th.

Most of us had been out on the American Princess with Gotham Whale  and Captains Tom Paladino and Frank Desantis before, so we knew what to expect: a warm comfortable ride inside the cabin and an excellent viewing platform around the lower and upper decks.

Catherine Granton, the naturalist from Gotham Whale was also there to point out some interesting landmarks and history during the trip.

The wildlife people were even treated to both a Harbor Seal and Grey Seal off one of the Islands south of the Verrazano Narrows Bridge.

Harbor Seal

Grey Seal

From a photo standpoint the drab and dreary skies made it a challenge but fun was had by all and we certainly plan to schedule another trip in some warmer weather next Spring.

New York Harbor is incredibly busy even this time of year so besides the skyline there are plenty of things to keep your attention.

Final Approach to JFK goes right over Breezy Point

Coney Island Lighthouse

West Bank Light

Apache Helicopter on Patrol