The 2016 Harvest Moon will rise from the southeast just after sunset Friday, at 7:06 p.m.

The Harvest Moon gets its name because before artificial light, farmers could work through the night under moonlight for the early autumn harvest.

For those of us on the South Shore of Long Island, the moon will rise over the ocean or bay looking southeast.

And it looks to be a clear night.

If you miss it, the Long Island Sun Chasers photography club will be out in force at Ho-Hum Beach capturing its rise from the ocean and will be following up with a slideshow.

Here is a map showing the angle of Friday’s moon and a few recent Moonrises captured by photo editor Mike Busch of Great South Bay Images.


12841218_1160947440582658_8108613683712835604_o 13122941_1203916242952444_7412162673148612798_o 13502747_1233113106699424_5199846229642054298_o 13995523_1273464625997605_379772093791332042_o 14068500_1274259222584812_3044495387455128144_o