By Mike Busch 1-6-18

The record-breaking cold spell that has frozen most local waterways created a new phenomenon yesterday, frozen Ocean Surf!

Trish Minogue Collins found it on Friday morning and wrote about it and shared her photos here. 

Saturday morning was the coldest yet, 8 degrees at sunrise with a wind chill of -10!

I make it a habit to check the cameras mounted on top of the Davis Park Casino on Fire Island first thing every morning to see what the surf and sky look like.

The Surf cam in particular is best in the morning, and does a great job of catching the first light well before Sunrise.  The Surf cam is facing east and pans about 90 degrees so I can bet a better idea of the conditions and morning light better than looking out of my window!

Yesterday I noticed that there was a slushy ice resembling a slurpee covering the entire surf zone and knew I had to see it for myself.  After taking some screenshots and sharing them with my Facebook and Instagram pages I was out the door.

Here is a short clip from surf cam yesterday just after sunrise:

My closest access to the beach was closed so I ended up at Pike’s Beach in Westhampton.

Here is a short Iphone video:


I ended up  with a bunch of video and over 700 images and simply ran out of time to go through them.

Below are a few, I will have a more detailed post later after taking a little time to go through everything.


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