By Mike Busch

I have been monitoring some sand shoaling up on the east side of Moriches Inlet that started building up after the first two Nor’easters in early March.

If you missed that click here and check out the video and images from March 18th, it provides a good comparison to last night. 

March 18th

With another system impacting our area with strong winds out of the east from late Saturday until mid day Monday, I wanted to see how the inlet fared last night at sunset.

At first glance it appears the shoal is gone but it was right below the surface of an extra high tide due to the storm.  The result was chaotic conditions inside the inlet as waves broke over the shoal,  bounced off the jetty and raced back across the inlet.

I have a gallery of images and video from the ground for later but below are some aerial images of the scene.

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