By Mike Busch

I noticed a new crane working on the Davis Park Marina this week, the image below is a screenshot taken this morning on the Davis Park Marina Cam.

That reminded me I still had footage of marina damage and an aerial flight of the Davis Park Bayside that I took after Nor’eater 2 on March 11th.

Fortunately, the flooding from the last two storms was never as bad as the first so the damage hasn’t gotten worse and as you will see the in photos and video, progress is being made on repairing the marina.

In a good sign of Spring, the Davis Park Ferry has already started the Spring schedule and is running on weekends now.  The traditional ferry dock is basically destroyed but they have another spot inside the marina to unload.  Check out their new website here for the new schedule.

You also note the all the decking has been replaced on the north side of the marina closest to the bay.

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