By Mike Busch 11-14-18

The Moriches Inlet Dredging Project was expected to be wrapped up by November 1st, but from what I could tell last weekend, this may go into December.  The plan was to remove approximate 160,ooo cubic yards of sand from around Moriches Inlet and replenish the beach in front of Smith Point.  The start of the beach replenishment started about 1 mile east of the Smith Point Pavilion as you can see in the photo below taken on November 1st.

Initial Sand Deposit Area | November 1st

The beach work has moved west but is still at least a 1/4 mile from the first cut and Campground.

On Sunday, the crew from Week’s Marine had tugboats tending pipe and moving equipment up and down the length of the beach.  If they intend to bring sand all the way to the Pavilion / TWA Memorial area they still have a lot of work to do.  I reached out to Weeks Marine for an update but have not heard back yet.  Another coastal storm is expected on Thursday with Gale force winds and high tides which will probably disrupt the operation again.

C.R. McCaskill can be seen from several miles down the beach

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