By Mike Busch

My friend Paul Peluso and I had an amazing experience following two Humpback Whales between Davis Park and Old Inlet on Fire Island this past Sunday.  These two large whales were swimming, diving and lunge feeding in tandem for several hours.

At no point were they more than a few feet from each other!

I took a short drone flight for some video and stills and made sure not to disturb these beautiful animals in any way.  It is amazing to me how completely different the whales and bunker  look from the air.   While not nearly as sharp or detailed as the sea level view, it really allows you to see the whole scene and the location of the bunker schools.  From the boat we could see some fish slapping on the surface but it was very hard to locate the big pods.

For the rest of the story and a big gallery of images from sea level, click here: Humpback Whales Feeding  in Tandem off Fire Island.

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