Here’s all you need to know about advertising on!

• Numbers. Your ad will appear 10,000 to 15,000 times per month on phones, tablets and computers of people with connections to Fire Island, Long Island and Beyond.

• Leverage the power of Social Media.  The Fire Island and Beyond Network (Including Great South Bay Images) is making over 1 Million impressions per month on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Advertisers can enjoy that extra occasional promotion at no extra charge.

* Email Campaigns.  Your clickable ad will be added to our growing email subscriber base.

• Rates. Rates start at just $200/month for a year-round package. (Details below.)

• Payment. We’ll set up an automatic recurring payment option and the ads can be switched in or out as often as you like at no extra charge.  Paypal and credit cards accepted.

• Design. We work with local, community-minded designers who can create a digital ad for you at a competitive rate.

• Extras. We’re available to help spread the word about events or promotions for our monthly advertisers, whether it’s through newsletters, social media or even (marked) sponsored posts.  We consider our advertisers partners and can cover your special events with photography or video services at reduced rates.

* Events Calendar.  Take advantage of our social media friendly event calendar.

YEAR-ROUNDER with Recurring payments (no contract)

12 months

Medium Rectangle Ads: $200/month

Leaderboard Ads: $400/month


Medium Rectangle Ads: $300/month

Leaderboard Ads: $500/month

Call publisher and editor Mike Busch at 631-553-2754 or email with any questions.