By Mike Busch

Members of the Long Island Wildlife Photography group had a great week capped off with the first real snow of the season which made for a great backdrop for many of the shots.

Notable finds this week: Black-Headed Gull, Harlequin Duck, Long-tailed Duck, Red-Breasted Merganser, Hooded Merganser, Killdeer, First of Season Pine Siskin, late in season Greater & Lesser Yellowlegs, and the usual raptors.

This week’s cover goes to Trish Minogue Collins with a Great Egret in the snow.

Thanks to Jim Botta for the help and feel free to share!

Bald Eagle – Robert Kaplan

American Coot – Leslie Pilgrim

American Kestrel – Dan Fiore

Bald Eagle – Nancy Viscardi-Ricigliano

Belted Kingfisher – Mike Babulak

Brown Thrasher – Jeanine Bodnar

Cedar Waxwing – Jeanine Bodnar

Dark-Eyed Junco – Jim Botta

Hooded Merganser & Lunch – Bill Mayes

Red Breasted Merganser – Richard DiScalfani

More Photos on Pages 2-8