By Mike Busch

As March closes out it looks like we finally broke the pattern of a weekly Nor’easter!   As you will see below, the Long Island Sun Chasers fanned out and captured some spectacular Long Island landscapes, taking advantage of more tranquil conditions.   Fortunately we may get our first real touch of Spring this weekend with Sunny skies and 50 degrees in the forecast!

This week the main focus seemed to be Montauk and the Fire Island Lighthouse as a few groups splintered off to shoot together.    We also had the first good opportunity for the Milky Way of the season with some beautiful night shots.  Look forward to more as the season progresses, I have a feeling there will be a lot more people giving it a try the next time the conditions are right again.

I also made a few last-minute additions on the first page as many of us were treated to a spectacular Good Friday sunrise this morning just before the rain swept in.  I am sure more will pour in later, they can be added next week.

As always, if a particular image grabs your attention, consider a print for your home or office.  I can put you in touch with the photographer to work something out!

This week’s cover shot goes to Jan Shannon with a stunning sunset from the Bellport shoreline.

Laura O’Connor | Good Friday Sunrise

Steve Wickwire | Good Friday Sunrise at Smith Point

Linda Whelan | Good Friday at Fleets Cove

Trish Minogue Collins | Montauk

Daniel Ericksen | Patchogue

Douglas Kelley | Smith Point

Ines Catarina | Robert Moses

Jim Simpson | Smith Point

Sean Fitzhum | Montauk Point

Samantha Rohring Kennedy | Robert Moses

Nicky Oppenheimer | Jones Beach

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