By Mike Busch

You might have seen the news Tuesday that emergency funding has been approved to dredge Moriches Inlet.   Having no idea that news was going to break, I visited Moriches Inlet Monday evening to see how the latest storm effected the new shoal building up on the east side of the inlet.  The higher than normal tide was above the new sand but it still created some chaotic seas as the waves broke over the shoal and bounced back across the inlet.  Knowing how dangerous the inlet can be in normal conditions, this new sand will make navigation even more difficult with random waves moving in all directions.

The good news regarding the funding is the dredging will happen, unfortunately bids, permits, and equipment all need to be positioned so nobody is sure when relief will come.   There was no mention of dredging the channels that lead to the inlet so caution is still advised and this may not happen as quickly as many would like.

Fire Island and Beyond has done a number of features with video and images of Moriches Inlet, click here for more.

The slow motion video above and images below hopefully provide a good example of the conditions and random wave action that will make things a little sporty until the dredging occurs.  Taken 4-16-18

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