By Mike Busch 12-2-2020

Meteorological Winter started on December 1st and if the storm that blew through the area on Monday and Monday night is any indication, we could have an active season.  According to the National Weather Service, winds gusted on the south shore at 64 mph at Robert Moses and 68 at both East Moriches and Hampton Bays.

I grabbed my dog and headed to Smith Point at Sunrise to check out the surf.  While the surf was certainly raging, the big story was an incredible amount of sea-foam, piling up from the ocean and into the dunes.  The photos and video I post below don’t do the scene justice, I have never seen it so thick.

The Lift Boat stationed just off the beach stayed put during the storm.  If you missed our recent story about this massive vessel click here.  It appears they raised the ship while I was there to avoid the raging surf below.  Check out some video of waves crashing into the poles and exploding into the air on page 4.

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