By Mike Busch 9-23-19

The sand replacement work at Davis Park is nearing completion and will continue west to Water Island, Fire Island Pines, Cherry Grove, Point O’ Woods and Ocean Bay Park through the Fall.   Many of us expected a new dune to be constructed with grass plantings but there is some confusion on whether or not that will still be done.   Since our last update last week the project has moved all the way to the west end.  As you will see in the video above and photos below, the beach has been built out but there is no sign of a new dune/berm as was done on some of the western beaches like Ocean Beach.  There is a huge pile of sand built up in the middle of the beach but rumor has it that will be moved to the center of the island for storage.  Suffolk County just released an update but it still not clear if they will be building a dune/berm as was initially proposed.

You can still watch the crossover and walkway construction when it happens from the Fire Island and Beyond beach and surf cams mounted on top of the Davis Park Casino.

The photos below were taken on Thursday, September 19th as the first swells from Hurricane Humberto starting rolling into the beach.

More photos of the beach and dredging ship on pages 2-4