Contractors working with NOAA finally removed the body of the Stranded Humpback Whale around 8:00 a.m. Sunday Morning.

Using a crane and barge, they towed the estimated 30 foot whale toward Cupsogue Beach where examiners will perform a full Necropsy to find out more about the Whale’s age, sex, and any conditions that might have led it into the bay in the first place.

There has been tremendous outrage by concerned citizens, volunteers and local politicians about how the entire ordeal was handled and calls for a new protocol if this happens again.

Brian Thompson from NBC news was covering the story live and interviewing Colleen Coogan, Fishery Biologist on the Communications Team, who was there to meet with any citizens with comments and questions about the steps that NOAA and the Riverhead Foundation did or didn’t take to aid the Whale.

Colleen said they are open to further comments and or suggestions by emailing her at

There is a vigil planned at the stranding site near the Coast Guard station at 2:00 p.m.

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The following photos were all taken Sunday morning during the removal.


Brian Thompson of NBC with Colleen Coogan of NOAA

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