By Mike Busch

Saturday I had the pleasure of joining Dr. Artie Kopelman of CRESLI on a Seal Cruise with the Viking Fleet out of Montauk Harbor.

Dr. Kopelman is the on board naturalist, providing a wealth if information during the cruise.

For a primer on the Seals of Long Island by Dr. Kopelman click here.

Conditions were great with clear skies and a brisk wind out of the Northwest.


We pulled out of Montauk on the Viking Superstar at 1:00 p.m. and steamed past Gardiners Island and stopped at three Seal colonies: Plum Island, Great Gull Island, and Little Gull Island.

Plum Island had a big group of Harbor Seals hauled out on the rocks.

Fort Terry | Plum Island

On the short ride between Plum Island and Great Gull Island we passed a young Atlantic Grey Seal in open water.

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