Editors Update:  As of late afternoon the Whale is still alive but no closer to swimming free.  The Riverhead Foundation for Marine Reserach and Preservation is consulting with NOAA Fisheries and Whale experts to determine the best course of action.  Unfortunately higher tides than normal last week have been countered by lower tides now.  We will keep you updated.  The Riverhead Foundation Facebook page has their latest thoughts here.


Earlier:  The Humpback Whale that has been seen around Moriches Bay for the last week is now stuck on a sandbar near Hart’s Cove.

As of 8:30 a.m. the Whale was alive and lifting it’s fluke out of the water.

Unfortunately it as been there for two high tide cycles so the odds are low for the Whale to float off safely.

According to Dr. Artie Kopelman of the Coastal Research and Education Society of Long Island (CRESLI) the Whale is in mortal danger as the weight and pressure of the body will cause tissue death quickly.

Professionals from the Coast Guard and the Riverhead Foundation are monitoring the Whale but the final decision will come from NOAA Fisheries.

The photos directly below were taken Friday on the Eastern Moriches Bay on Friday when the Whale seemed to be healthy and feeding.

These photos were not released for fear of creating any unnecessary human interference that might jeopardize the Whale’s chances or returning to the Ocean safely.

The photos on pages  two and three were taken from the shore this morning.

Video of the Whale moving and raising it’s fluke is on the bottom of page 3.

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