By Mike Busch

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I left off in Part I retreating to my truck to warm up while Trish checked out the south side of the Lighthouse.  I didn’t mention that I had to take a break because I was no longer able to control my camera settings, with the fingers and thumb on my right hand losing all feeling.   Cold fingers are nothing new to me, in fact I spent several hours photographing frozen surf off Westhampton last January, but this was a little different.  As I write this a week later I still don’t have feeling in my thumb but after seeing some hearty fisherman pass us by on page 2 I will not complain.   After 5 minutes of warm up, we headed back out only to see the conditions change again with darker skies and gustier winds creating even more sea smoke.  I took a few minutes of video of the scene in front of the lighthouse around this time below.

The seas were also picking up, with wind-driven waves moving north out of Block Island Sound running into bigger storm swells in front of the lighthouse, creating chaotic surf.   On top of that, the sea smoke and low clouds created incredible and variable light over the waves.

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