As we got about half way to Shinnecock Inlet we came up on a few boats on some bunker and two fisherman gently releasing two large striped bass.  These schools were huge, covering acres of the calm ocean surface.  Almost immediately, Paul’s reel started screaming and he set the hook on a  nice fish.  After a nice fight we netted a 25 pound Striped Bass.

Unfortunately that was it for Stripers but not for lack of trying.  We kept moving East and found ourselves surrounded at one point by what looked like miles of splashing bunker.  I took another drone flight here to get the full perspective.  The light was a little tough and the bunker were mostly congregating below the surface but all the dark water in the photos below are bunker.   We also ran into a Mola mola (Ocean Sunfish), I will post video and images of that fascinating creature in a separate post.