By Mike Busch 6-10-2021

When I read about the Ring of Fire Eclipse yesterday I didn’t have high expectations.  Most of the news gave me the impression it would be only partially visible in our area and the chance of overcast skies was high.  Nevertheless, I got out before sunrise and set up at the Smith Point fishing pier, knowing it had a nice view of sunrise over Narrows Bay.  Much to my surprise, as soon the sun appeared over the horizon the eclipse was visible and continued to get better and better.  Today’s eclipse is called an annular eclipse because the moon is smaller in relation to the Sun and does not completely block this Sun.  I tried to avoid looking directly at the sun but still feel like I overdid it!

I also made a rookie mistake with my video.  I had a stable platform but didn’t realize the fishing pier would shake whenever I moved or someone walked by.

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