By Mike Busch 6-12-2021

Another great week from the Long Island Wildlife Photography group this week, thanks to Jim Botta for helping pick out the photos!

This week’s highlights include a Summer Tanager, Northern Bobwhite, Diamondback Terrapin Turtle, Black Tern, Blue Grosbeak, Common Yellowthroat, Saltmarsh Sparrow, Roseate Tern, Indigo Bunting, and Clapper Rail.  A few people also incorporated wildlife shots in front of the Annular Eclipse on Thursday morning.

This week’s cover shot goes to Michael Gottlieb with a great image of a Green Heron.

If you have time, try to check out all 8 pages and feel free to share!

Summer Tanager – Daryl Ramrattan

Bottlenose Dolphins – Jacki Miller Feldbaum

Diamonback Terrapin – Jeff Kollbrunner

Barn Swallow – Patty Orgera

Canada Goose Family – Michael Farrell

Bullfrog – Chris Giroffi

Northern Bobwhite – Leslie Pilgrim

Juvenile Belted Kingfisher – Dan Fiore

Humpback Whale – Brian Doherty

Cedar Waxwing – Brian Doherty

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