By Mike Busch

I hope everyone that celebrates had a great Christmas!  I know a lot of families couldn’t get together due to Covid so hopefully this will be the last season we have to deal with all this.

Thanks to the usual help from Jim Botta we have put together just some of the best shots posted this week by members of the Long Island Wildlife Photography group.  If you aren’t already a member, feel free to join.  It is a great community with over 20,000 members and counting.

A few notable finds this week include Harlequin Ducks, Redheads, Buffleheads, Red-Shouldered Hawk, Sharp-Shinned Hawk, Hermit Thrush, and a very late season Osprey!  When I saw the image posted by Janice Cepler I did a double-take but it turns out there have been several reports of Osprey around Long Island this week.  They should be in South America by now, hopefully they will head south soon or be prepared for the colder weather that should be moving in soon.

This week’s cover shot goes to Catherine Seich-Jantz with a beautiful Belted Kingfisher.

Try to check out all 8 pages and feel free to share!

American Kestrel – Robert Kaplan

Bald Eagle – Jill Christina

Bufflehead – Michael Farrell

Eastern Bluebird – Jill Christina

Harbor Seal & Lunch – Callan Fleck

Harlequin Duck – Lisa Wollerstein-Whitmore

Juvenile Bald Eagle – Jill Christina

Long-Tailed Duck – Daryl Ramrattan

Pair of Yellow-Bellied Sapsuckers – Lisa Wollerstein-Whitmore

More Images on Pages 2-8