By Mike Busch

The Long Island Wildlife Photography group surpassed 22,000 members this week!  Thanks to everyone that has helped make this a fantastic community to learn about and share our love for our local wildlife.

Notable finds this week include Western Kingbird, Ash-Throated Flycatcher, American Bittern, Northern Gannet, Purple Sandpiper, more winter ducks arriving, and a nice variety of raptors.

There have been some reports of Snowy Owls starting to filter into southern New England including Long Island so we will once again put a temporary moratorium on Snowy Owl photos.  We know it’s unfortunate but save your best photos for the Spring and we will run our annual feature once they head back to the Tundra.

This week’s cover shot goes to Heff Stoppe with a beautiful Peregrine Falcon and thanks to Jim Botta for the help picking out the photos!

Try to check out all 8 pages and have a great weekend.


American Coot – Michael Gottlieb

Bald Eagle – Linda Karlin

Belted Kingfisher – Bob Schmitz

Common Loon – Brian Doherty

Great Blue Heron – Sandie Lipsky Charlack

Humpback Whale – Brian Doherty

Juvenile Cooper’s Hawk & European Starling – Michael Gottlieb

Northern Harrier – Lowell Schechter

Bald Eagle & Lunch – Fred Fahrbach

More Photos on Pages 2-8