By Mike Busch

For nearly 400 years, starting with colonists using shovels and animals, a cut has been made through the barrier beach allowing Mecox Bay to drain into the ocean.   This allows water levels to drop to a more manageable levels, raises the salinity level for shellfish, and flushes it with clean ocean water.  The job is now done with backhoes and overseen by the Southampton Town trustees.  See the video below of equipment opening the cut last August.

On Sunday I dropped my wife at a local store and had some time to kill and checked it out from the east side at Scott Cameron Beach.  I didn’t know it at the time, but it was just opened again on Friday.  The wind was gusting to 20 or so, keeping my drone flight fairly short.  A few clammers were working just North of the cut.  Check out the drone photos on pages 1 and 2 with DSLR images and GoPro video on page 3.