By Mike Busch

In Part II I will have some drone footage (despite the gusty wind) and some images of even bigger waves.

With Hurricane Dorian making it’s closest pass to Long Island on Friday night, I took the ride out to Montauk for Sunrise with fellow photographer Trish Minogue Collins on Saturday morning.   Below is a satellite image of the storm around midnight Friday.

We opted for Montauk over the local beaches because the orientation of the storm brought a better chance of bigger waves on eastern Long Island and the Montauk Lighthouse and rocks always make for a great backdrop.   After driving through rain and mist the whole way out it luckily stopped just as we arrived at the point at daybreak.  Besides a few hardcore fisherman, the place was empty.

Predicting wave heights in advance is tricky, you just never know what you will get.   While it was certainly rough when I arrived, it was not much different from a typical Winter Storm.  As usual with Northeast winds, the water in front of the lighthouse was chaotic with Storm Swells from the south mixing in with smaller windswept waves from Block Island Sound.   If you aren’t impressed with these waves, check out some action from Montauk last January from the same spot.

Over the next hour or so the light got much better and the waves increased in size.

More Images and another video on pages  2 -5