By Mike Busch

Incredible set of images below taken by the Long Island Sun Chasers below.  When I first started doing this feature almost two years ago it was easy to just rip through the images and pick out twenty or so and be done with it.  Now that the group has quadrupled in size and the quality of the photography has improved it is much harder to keep up and do a fair job.   With over 4000 members spread over all corners of our beautiful Island, I could easily stretch this feature to several hundred photos.

This week’s highlights include some incredible Milky Way shots.  Being in the shadow of one of the biggest cities in the world creates some light pollution challenges but with the right equipment and technique the results can be spectacular.

As always, if an images catches your attention, you might consider a print for your home or office.  If so, let me know and I can put you in touch with the photographer.

This week’s cover goes to Pamela Bracken Morrison with a great shot of the shoaled up East Jetty of Moriches Inlet.

Andy Craig | Shinnecock

Dennis Bontempo | Southampton

Douglas Kelley | Patchogue

Jan Shannon | Montauk

Jeremy Garretson | Southampton

Jim Simpson | Center Moriches

Kathleen Desiderio

Kathleen Fasano | Smith Point

Martin Losco

Michael Chachkes | Fire Island Lighthouse

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