By Trish Minogue Collins

Welcome April! I know, I know. I can hear you grumbling. I’ve seen your expletives on social media- especially on Monday when it snowed. And Wednesday with that freezing wind. And yesterday with with the cold rain, and maybe snow again? “April is the cruelest month.” That’s the first line of T. S. Elliot’s The Wasteland, and it gets stuck in my head starting at the end of March as a reminder to not get my hopes up. April, for us here on Long Island, is synonymous with spring. The mere word conjures up thoughts of warm days and and a pastel color-filled world. So when the reality doesn’t quite match up, we feel cruelly disappointed.

This week had some harsh weather, but if you paid attention during the hours of sunrise and sunset, it offered up some colorful skies to chase away those winter blues. Some of those clouds that brought rain and snow during the day actually caused the sky to explode with color at dawn. Several sun chasers caught some fantastic reflections of those clouds on the bay and in the wet sand at the ocean.  Friday morning even offered up a full rainbow between showers, captured beautifully by Stephen Borghardt.

The full moon made a showing this past weekend, and although it was clouded over in the evening, Mike Busch and Patty Mede got a couple of great shots before it set in the morning. Fred Lingen got an awesome shot of the clouded moon with Jupiter over the Robert Moses tower. The theme for this week, without a doubt, is clouds, but for sun chasers, that is not a bad thing. The clouds have brought color and drama to our skies, and we’re happy to share that color with you.

The warm spring days are coming. Not today, but soon. For now, we share these images with you as a sort of visual pep-talk. Click through all the pages if you have the time, and don’t worry- there are no snow pictures!

Andy Craig

Douglas Kelley | Captree

Fred Lingen

Jack Dempsey | Hecksher

Jan Shannon | Brookhaven