By Mike Busch

October is a great month for photography on Long Island.  The colors may be late this year but with all the rain we should expect some great foliage once we get a cold snap.  The sun has also now moved out over the Ocean for Sunrise and will be setting over the ocean in the next week or so.   It is also a great time for nice late sunrises for those that need some extra sleep.  As you can see from the Lightrac App below, by the end of the month the sun won’t be coming up until 7:23 in the morning, just before Daylight savings time kicks in November 4th.

Below is another amazing collection of images taken this week by the Long Island Sun Chasers.  You might think that with over 5000 members spread out on a small strip of sand this might get old but they keep coming back with beautiful and creative landscapes from new locations and perspectives every week.  I had all of this week’s images picked out on Friday night before falling asleep and had to add whole new page of images from the amazing sunrise on Saturday morning, check those out on page 6.

If any of these images get your attention, you might consider a print for your home or office.  Let me know and I can put you in touch with the photographer.

This week’s cover shot goes to Douglas Kelley  with a great shot of the morning light over the surf at Smith Point Beach.

Andy Craig | Babylon

Brian Doherty | Montauk

Danielle Hathaway Leef | Montauk

Brian Cozzie

Douglas Kelley | Smith Point

Fred Greco | Robert Moses

Jan Shannon | Robert Moses

Kathleen Desiderio | Robert Moses

Joe Pellicone

Fred Lingen | Fire Island Lighthouse

More Images on Pages 2,3,4,5 and 6