By Mike Busch

Sunday was the coldest morning of our nearly two-week run of sub freezing days.  As usual, I checked the Davis Park Surf Cam on my phone and noticed even more ice than Saturday but with much calmer conditions.  The short video below was taken at 7:00 a.m. from the surf cam stationed on top of the Davis Park Casino.

Smith Point was still closed for plowing so I headed out to Pikes Beach in Westhampton again to see what I could find.

As I pulled up to the beach my truck thermometer registered  Zero!  However, the wind wasn’t nearly as bad as the day before and It felt warm in comparison.

The surf zone was still icy but too flat for slurpee waves.  However it was still an amazing scene with sea smoke developing just beyond the ice.

The lower wind also allowed me to launch my drone, it killed me to not get it involved with the Slurpee Waves the day before but the wind was too extreme.

The drone did a great job of capturing the sea smoke forming over the ice and blowing offshore as you will see on page 2.

I found an even better location later Sunday morning and will follow up with that tomorrow.


Drone Images on Page 2