By Mike Busch

The live cameras attached to the top of the Davis Park Casino Bar and Restaurant on Fire Island were knocked offline during a storm in mid January but were brought back online yesterday!  These are three of the best live streaming cameras anywhere on Long Island and I feared we might have been down until Spring.

The cameras are still positioned perfectly but I may need to get over there and give them a quick cleaning.

Due to ice and extreme weather, the repair took longer than expected.  The beach seems like it has fared well but the marina, already damaged from an October storm, looks to have taken more ice damage.  Fortunately it looks like repairs have already started and you can watch the progress live here on the Marina Cam.

I heard from a lot of you wondering what happened and felt terrible that  I didn’t have any answers!   I posted all three video players below but they are always available on the tabs above and all three also play on the new WEATHER PAGE  where Steven DiMartino from NY NJ PA Weather Consulting is doing a great job with in-depth weather video discussions daily.

As a reminder, these also play great on cell phones, I suggest bookmarking and saving the Surf Cam to your home page and try watching sunrise from bed!