After running two Best of 2016 features with the Long Island Sun Chasers photography group early in the week I expected to give it a rest and skip the normal Friday post.

That changed when I looked out of my office window and saw a brilliant light show developing Wednesday night.

I couldn’t get away from my real job but knew the Sun Chasers would be spread out and capturing the best sunset of the year so far.

Later that night when I saw a some of their captures I knew I had to forget about taking a break and at least do a short post.

As I went through the rest of their photos I ended up with 5 pages!

This week includes a few nice shots from Montauk, a few new contributors, and more than a few examples of why Winter skies are the best skies on Long Island.

The cover shot goes to Danielle Leef who captured a great example of the Wednesday sky from Cupsogue Beach.

Trish MInogue Collins |Cranberry Dock | 1-4-17

Asia Lee | Robert Moses | 12-31–16

Michael Witten | Captree | 1-3-17

Trish Minogue Collins | Montauk Point | 1-2-17

Fred Greco | Robert Moses | 1-4-17

Fred Lingen | Mastic | 1-4-17