This week we brought on another guest curator to the Best of the Long Island Sun Chasers, Fred Greco.

 Fred has an excellent eye and has been  featured at several times including the aerial images and more that can be seen here.

By Fred Greco

“And yet day and night meet fleetingly at twilight and dawn. And their merging sometimes affords the beholder the most enchanted moments of all the twenty four hours. A sunrise or sunset can be ablaze with brilliance and arouse all the passion, all the yearning, in the soul of the beholder.” -Mary Balogh,  from “A Summer to Remember”

As is the passion of a Sun Chaser, typically up and on a location before first light, camera in hand throughout day, and out again at the end of the day, capturing images illuminated through the blue hour until it fades to darkness. This week produced many challenges caused by rapidly changing weather conditions. These challenges, however, provided short windows of dramatic lighting, which the Sun Chasers absolutely seized, creating hundreds of images, all the more captivating. The cover photo of the week, technically a very difficult shot, goes to Steve Mitchell, who perfectly captured late afternoon tidal pools on the shore-line at Robert Moses. Please take the time to enjoy this shot and all five pages of equally beautiful photography, courtesy of some of the finest photographers on Long Island.

Andy Craig | Robert Moses

Anita Regler | East Patchogue

Asia Lee

Barbara Bedell | Bellport Dock

Barbara Lash | Babylon Dock

Claire Reilly | Atlantic Beach