By Mike Busch

Due to a technical issue, this will be a special Saturday edition of Best of the Long Island Sun Chasers, back to the regular Friday edition next week.

The group continues to grow, both in numbers and in the quality of the photography.

Since every eye and taste is different I hope to bring on more guest curators as we go forward.

This week  I see people taking advantage of the North Shore Sunset as we move closer to Summer and some other hearty souls getting up early or staying up late to catch the Milky Way.

The cover shot this week goes to Paula Greco with a great image of a bunch of Sun Chasers at work at Robert Moses.   Hopefully this will brighten her spirits as she recovers from knee surgery!

If a particular image catches your attention and you would like a print, I can put you in touch with the photographer.

Check out all 5 pages!

Anita Regler | Wading River

Bobby Alan | Port Jefferson

Douglas Kelley | Heckscher State Park

Fred Greco | Fire Island Lighthouse

Jeanne Eggers | Calverton

Jessica Hirschmann Lempin | Captree