By Mike Busch

This week the Long Island Wildlife Photography group said goodbye to an amazing photographer and very helpful administrator, Grace Scalzo.  Grace was also a great contributor to, if you missed her work you can catch up here:

Snowy Owls: One of our Favorite Winter Visitors

A call to Action: Help Save the Diamondback Terrapin

And a feature here about her Children’s book about Piping Plovers 

Grace was kind enough to put together her thoughts about moving from Long Island with her personal favorite photos right in the middle of her move last weekend, if you missed that see below:

No Matter where I go, Long Island will always be with me

Moving on to this week’s images, it is getting harder and harder to pick out the 25 or 30 best.  We now have almost 7500 members and I am floored by the variety and quality of images posted on a daily basis.

I just did a quick count and we have had over 1000 photos posted over the last four days!  So If you had a great shot and feel overlooked I apologize.

More evidence of Spring appears below as we have a nice collection of Warblers appearing along with most of the summer shorebirds including American Oystercatchers, Greater Yellowlegs, Yellow Crowned Night Herons and Great Egrets.

This weeks cover photo goes to Brian Carr with a beautiful Eastern Bluebird.

Take a minute to scroll through all 5 pages and If you aren’t a member, feel free to join!

Brian Carr | Great Horned Owl

Andy Nancy | Yellow Crested Night Herons

Brian Doherty | Tree Swallow

Kirk Hatzmann | American Kestrel

Nancy Viscrdi-Ricigliano | Great Egret

Russ Ogden | Brown Thrasher