By Mike Busch 5/29/2021

I want to apologize for missing the last month, the was hacked and had to be rebuilt from scratch without losing the last four years of content.  Hopefully, we have upgraded the security on the site and won’t have to deal with this again.    I want to thank Jim Botta for continuing to pick out the photos and being patient during this process.   We ended up with a folder of over 400 photos that I had to whittle down but we still ended up with 17 pages worth!  Natalie Ann kept sending me videos so don’t miss a full page of her amazing work on page 17.

This week’s cover shot goes to Brian Doherty with a fantastic image of Oystercatchers in beautiful light.

While there are many new arrivals and a few rare birds scattered below, the highlight has to be the Wood Stork captured by a number of members.   This large (3 foot tall), bald-headed wading bird is non-migratory and is typically only seen as far north as Georgia and South Carolina.  Read more about this bird here.

Wood Stork – Lisa Wollerstein-Whitmore

If you have time try to check out all 17 pages and feel free to share with some friends.  We will be back to a more manageable size next week.  We also installed three brand-new higher-quality cameras that stream live from the top of the Davis Park Casino Cafe on Fire Island.  They do a much better job in low light conditions so be sure to check them out about an hour before sunrise to get an idea of what kind of day to expect.  You might even catch some Deer walking the beach at sunrise on the Surf Cam.

Bald Eagle & Eel – Jill Weigold Wendling

Northern Gannet (Rescue) – Jim Triumph

Little Blue Heron – Lisa Wollerstein-Whitmore

Great Egret – Michael Busch

Groundhog – Nancy Viscardi-Ricigliano

Golden-Crowned Kinglet – Steven Williams

Glossy Ibis – Linda Gronbach Homenick

Northern Cardinal – Linda Lombardo

Great Egret – Ed Walsh

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