By Mike Busch

The Long Island Wildlife Photography group outdid themselves this week with several notable or rare finds.  The standout is the Razorbill, a large Auk that looks more like a penguin than bird, captured below by Dan Fiore and Brian Doherty.  These Northern Atlantic birds are known to stray as far south as New Jersey in the winter and occasionally come close to shore.   Ken Grille and Lisa Nasta ran into another member of the Auk family, the Thick Billed Murre as well.

Razorbill – Dan Fiore

Razorbill – Brian Doherty

Other standouts this week include a few Red Crossbills, Snow Goose, Greater White Fronted Goose, Rose Breasted Grosbeak, and Brown Pelican!  The Brown Pelican has been seen sporadically in the summer in our area but to see one this time of year is remarkable.   Also check out a few more excellent videos from Natalie Ann on the the last page!  Also thanks as usual to Jim Botta for helping pick out the photos.  If you have time try to scroll through all 9 pages!

Common Eider – Diane Veronica

Nancy Viscardi-Ricigliano- Red Breasted Mergansers

Common Loon – Brian Doherty

Long-Tailed Duck – Brian Doherty

Seal – Jeanne Eggers

Buck – Vicki Jauron

Dark-Eyed Junco – Dan Fiore

Peregrine Falcon – Daryl Ramrattan

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